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Covid-19! End game, what’s next!

Covid-19! End game, what’s next!

The Coronavirus has become a condition called as World War III
( Now it has become a very serious issue due to lack of medicine and vaccine against it. 

Expert says that this world will live with the Covid-19 forever. The origin of Covid-19 and its virulence nature increased the mortality ratio all over the world. Genetically each and every individual is different, similarly the ability to deal with this coronavirus is also different. The researcher believes that some individual are naturally immune to the Coronavirus. While people with the poor immune system fall prey to it. The primary symptoms believed to be is the fever and dry cough. Thermal scanners are used to check the fever condition of suspects, but the false alarm can be made if a person with heavy build checked for it.

The even temperature of an individual varies from one another. Even the other allergic or disease condition may be misjudged. 

So the question arises how to live with the Covid-19, is it end of world? Such queries are raised by many people around round.

Since ancient times earth is hit by many diseases such as plague, smallpox etc. The natural immunity developed by the individual during these journey made him hard to fight against these diseases. When talking about the corona, many different types are present in the infected species of bats. 
Recent studies have suggested that bats are the natural reservoir of a range of coronaviruses (CoVs). They are found to be the origin for the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) CoV. As viruses are called as the alien body, they are found to mutate in the environment in order to maintain its integrity and stay alive in the host. Transgenic transfer of the virus from one species to another or rather from bats to humans is a mystery, but to tackle this situation is the need of time. On the human tongue, hundreds of virus, bacteria, and other microorganisms are found alive. The immunity of him has made it possible to remain alive in-spite of such contamination. 
Still people challenge and transfer the microorganism from one to another by various activities such as eating street foods, stuffing hands in nostrils or even mouth and some by kissing. Jokes apart, but the fact is if your immunity is strong you can fight with any disease it might be H1N1 or even corona. The researcher believes that many people who encountered corona may not show any symptoms and get cured themselves due to their natural immunity. The question that arises, how to develop natural immunity? Naturally from mother to child, her first milk (colostrum) provides natural immunity so babies. 

So the report claims that many newborn babies have defeated the Covid-19. Thus, the next part to defeat Covid-19 is maintaining a better lifestyle which includes diet, rest, and habits, as it decides the immunity of the person. In the next chapter, I will discuss how to develop natural immunity and end this pandemic or any other disease permanently.    

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