Know your favorite content related to Science and find bonus content on all science things, technology, nature, and health updates. Any diseases or things affecting the society are traced out here. Paranormal science and things unanswered are our priorities. The basic focus is on updated health benefits information.


This website provides the common platform to all viewers in which we give updates regarding 
1) Health aspects, 
2) Diseases, 
3) Personality development, 
4) Paranormal facts, 
5) Daily Science, 
6) Student corner (Tricks for study- Art of learning) theme, 
7) Music therapy (to get rid of psychological problems, depression, lack of concentration, etc). 
As an International Educator and Scientist will share some facts that will hence the attitude of the people/ students towards life. 

About the author
Dr. Abhinandan R Patil 

Works as an International Educator and student psychological counselor by the foundation called "Gurukool- The art of Learning"
Teach techniques of learning; how to remember the concept in-depth with smart tricks. 
Works in the field of Biological Sciences, especially in the field of ↣ Cancer
                                      ↣ Anti-aging
                                      ↣ Cancer
                                      ↣ Infectious diseases of gastrointestinal tract
                                      ↣ Food technology
                                      ↣ Nutraceuticals
                                      ↣ Probiotics studies
                                      ↣ Paranormal activities
                                      ↣ Infectious diseases

Our activities 
(Works as Freelancer)
Any institute wants assistance or as a guest-lecture feel free to contact.

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