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Mental health during Lockdown- How to restart?

During these crazy Lockdown times so we could all use some serious self-care and most people are feeling a little sad or scared or anxious or lonely and that is completely understandable, but that also means that this is a great opportunity for us to practice self-care.

I am here to share eight healthy habits during lockdown that you can do to feel better mentally physically and emotionally. All of these you can do without leaving your home and without having to buy something new as well as either alone or with your family. We're not in full lockdown here in India. It doesn’t mean to leave our home and go for a walk. We should develop a healthy habit for everyone to work from home or partly from home.
Routine setup
I think the biggest danger here is if you are not used to it and you haven't built up a routine yet is to always be on and the pressure of always having to be available for work and there not being a clear enough boundary between work and home life. We are trying our best to work from home. For most of us, this switch was very sudden and perhaps some things don't really work properly yet. You don't have access to certain programs and of course if you have kids around you need to help them with their homework and stuff so all these things combined can make just doing your job very stressful. The healthy habit here is to punch in and punch out so that means try to establish working hours, preferably just the same hours you've been keeping and not do any work outside of these hours because you need to set boundaries as best as you can even in this difficult situation. Otherwise, you run a real risk of burning out so try to keep your regular hours whenever possible and try not to check your email and stuff outside of these hours just as you would normally perhaps do. Another thing is to try to make your workspace a designated workspace so if you don't have an office like me that is fine but just try to keep your kitchen table for example your workspace. After finishing work preferably just clear off your laptop and all your work stuff places them somewhere out of sight where they don't bother you for a while.
Dressing style
The second tip is to try and establish some sort of routine. Daily routine chances are if you are spending a lot more time at home your routine has changed quite a bit and that is okay so don't be too strict with yourself. Try to at least stick to your morning routine the one you had before so go to bed and wake up roughly around the same time. As a usual wash, your face, brush your teeth and things like that, and try to take care of your appearance and stuff because that will probably make you feel better. Some people might tell you to get dressed in the morning and wear your normal everyday clothes even when you don't leave your house but if you are dressed in your pajamas then do make sure that you are wearing your normal everyday clothing just try and see what works best for you.

It quite challenging to be at home by themselves with themselves for so much of our time and it can be a little difficult to just deal with being in your own head and being with your own thoughts all day. This can also be a great opportunity to just learn to appreciate our own company a little bit more so some things you could try are for example meditation. I actually do that early in the morning, you may call as yoga. The benefits of meditation are endless and a lot of them have been proven especially during these times of change and uncertainty or even some anxiety. Maybe meditation can help you to calm down a bit. Balance your emotions as it decreases your blood pressure and improves your sleep. Many people now meditate for 20 minutes after waking up and it has had such an amazing impact on their days. I'm very curious if you meditate and if so how do you meditate and also do you like some more content for me about the topic of meditation and if so what questions do you have for me please leave that in the comments.
Very important tips
Lastly another way that you could learn to love your own company a little bit more is through mindfulness. Further, just incorporate some kind of exercise at home. I know most people really enjoy exercising outdoors or going to the gym with a friend or something like that and that's probably not happening right now. Exercising at home can also be really fun and it is great for keeping up your immune system.

Zumba dance
It may be fun to do some Zumba or dancing or something like that just get your body moving so you don't feel like low and like a couch potato if you are spending a lot more time at home. The chances are that you are sitting down a lot more of the time as well and you might not have access to like an ergonomically correct workspace when you are at home. This can create some problems for your body so this next little trick can help to improve your posture and just give your lower back and your upper back some love. I can really start to feel the muscles in my body and my back relax a little and if your head hurts of course you can use a pillow underneath your head or another thing I love to do. It is just put my legs up against the wall and chill they're very therapeutic and relaxing.
You try to cook yummy and healthy meals for yourself and eat enough so that you feel satisfied and nourished. You don't resort to emotional eating or stress eating or just craving some comfort food. Just think! it is a very healthy approach to food to bake some cakes you know just for fun and to have something nice to eat but try to make sure that you are not eating away your stress.  Eat healthy yummy food that really nourishes your body. There is an emotional food craving right now going on but just try to cook something yummy but also healthy. It will really nourish you and makes it feel better not worse to search outside at shops or hotels.
Reading/ watching videos
The current situation even for a little while I think that is perfectly all right is reading a lot more even more than usual you do. Playing a bit more video games either alone or together with family or watch a movie have a movie night just anything where you can just for a while forget about the current world situations. Some people might say that this is escapism or not dealing with the situation just putting your head in the sand. I think that it can actually be a very healthy thing to do. Of course, the balance is important, but it can be nice to just escape to another world where everything is nice and just calm down a little bit so if you recognize this then please allow yourself to do that.

Online surfing
We are social animals and we need to be around other people and this goes more for some people than for others. I love being at home so I have no problem with just being by myself. Even for me I noticed that it's very challenging and sometimes a bit lonely to be cut off from friends and family. So try to find some social connection in other ways, maybe you could schedule some family time online just to hang out with everyone or video chatone-on-one or just call people up.

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