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Breaking news- Ramadev Baba killed coronavirus?

Baba Ramdev the Yoga-guru who claimed to have found the cure or the medicine to cure COVID-19 seems to have run into rough weather where the AYUSH ministry now is seeking details. The composition of the details of the COVID-19 drug has been sought from Patanjali. 

The AYUSH ministry says details of the study are not known to the ministry and they say that ads must be stopped till this issue is properly examined. Now Patanjali has been asked to provide at the earliest details and of the name and the composition of the medicines being claimed for COVID-19 treatment. Also, the site of the hospitals where the research study was conducted for the protocol and sample size institutional ethics committee clearance is demanded by the AYUSH. CTR a registration result and data of all these things are demanded by the AYUSH. The government says we are not really aware of whether all these steps were cleared or not. A lot of aspirations of people have been raised with those claims and I think the government wants to set the record straight. An even greater supporter of the Narendra Modi government it's in that backdrop that they have sought clarification ask them to stop ads. They've even asked the government i.e. the state licensing authority to investigate the true claims in order to bring real pictures and products into the market. The government wants to verify how they comply with clinical trials. Nevertheless, the government at least stepping in playing no favorites in this case of the claim that has been made by Baba Ramdev. You know we saw his interview where he seems to claim that Coronil which seems to be the medicine. He says that the key constituents Ashwagandha, Galloway, and Tulsi are the things that are already recommended by the AYUSH ministry that you drink.

This kit of treatment will be made available at 545 INR according to Acharya Balkrishna, Director of Patanjali Ayurved. The medicine will be of course work 30 days. Baba Ramdev claimed this medicine will be made freely available to poor people.
He said that this medicine will be available all over India at the Patanjali stores within this week. To complete the demand the separate APP will be launched (OrderMe) as the home delivery feature is another declaration made by the Babaji.

Baba Ramdev even claimed that clinical trial was carried out and the success rate observed was high. 69 % of patients recovered within 3 days after treatment; according to his talk at the press meet.
If this claim becomes successful, then coronavirus will end in India. Even the European countries will also demand the same from our country. It will become the great success of Make in India concept and will turn great iconic research in the field of Ayurvedic and holistic medicine. Actually, the world is hunting for the vaccine and medicine against the coronavirus. Millions of dollars are invested by many pharmaceutical industries to bring medicine in European and Asian countries.
So we will hope that this medicine will act as curative and preventive against coronavirus. 

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