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DDC: Depression, Death and Covid-19, India Fights Back Part 2

DDC: Depression, Death and Covid-19
The death rate is increased due to Covid-19. During this pandemic, many lost their job and source of income. Most of them have to shut down their businesses. Those who were working as labor suffered due to this disease. The working labor from the different states was in a heavy panic condition which was due to lockdown. The major disease that flourished during this time was the depression.

The effects of coronavirus were seen as symptoms but the depression does not show any physical or physiological conditions and thus now it's overtaking this pandemic situation. It is not affecting the poor or rich, elder or children, common or celebrity, it is taking control of all. The current incidence of suicide cases of celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput was considered due to depression. The reason is unknown but the major factor held responsibly was depression reported during the police investigation.
The loss of a job is now held as a major reason for depression due to Covid-19. Many psychological disorders have erupted during this period of lockdown. The standard of living of people especially from the middle-class category was drastically affected. 
     Who lost their jobs-
a)    Workers from industry
b)   Maid working in houses
c) Teachers from private education sectors (classes) due to the online classes system. Many of they are still working on half salaries
d) Workers working on daily wages
e)   People working in small private companies
f)      Miscellaneous (people who are not even known to us)

Who is affected by the coronavirus-
a) Students (Change in learning system from board to e-learning)
b)   Government servants
c)    People working in the banks
d)    ‘Doctors working in the private sector
e) Post offices (change in the timing) due to area division by green, orange and red zone
f) Life of public transport providers (auto, taxi, and buses)
g)    Hotel and Lodging
h)   Restaurants
i)      Small vendors
j)      Miscellaneous (people who are not even known to us)
Most of them are affected by the cascade attack of the coronavirus, depression (source of living), and monsoon (as few areas were flood-prone last year). New water-borne and vector-borne disease are peepings out there head out (typhoid, dengue, malaria and chikungunya, etc).
The case of depression is mostly ignored by the common people. They show the asymptomatic changes such as anger, rage, upset look, and panic attack. Thus its identification and treatment in time is very important. If it’s not treated in time then it precipitates the feeling of damaging self or other and even suicide attempts. How to treat this mentality is very difficult to understand. We can’t judge the feeling of the individual persons and his/her perception. This is not good at all. People mostly will not prefer to visit a psychologist or psychiatrist. They are bothered by the status and image in the society.
So is there any other solution to solve this riddle?

1) Psychiatrist- A psychiatrist is a doctor who is engaged in an activity related to psychiatry, the branch of medicine devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, study, and treatment of mental disorders. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (an M.D. or D.O.) 
2) Psychologist- He is the person who studies normal and abnormal mental state, emotions, social activities, perceptual and cognitive processes, and behavior by experimenting with, and observing, interpreting, and recording how individuals relate to one another and to their environments. He may be M.A or M.Sc or Ph.D. person with specialization in Psychology.
3)  Educator and counselor- He may be a Psychologist, with additional abilities such as experience knowledge with the students (Teacher), or specially trained person. (Note- Any student having any problems in study or any person having some disturbance in their life, we are here to help them by using many traditional methods such as music therapy and time scheduling techniques. Please feel free to contact us)
4)  Home- The elderly people in the home are great experts. They can share with you their experience of life to give you the proper direction. Their life is like a book of solution. So share the problems with them in case if you can’t, feel free to opt with solution number 1, 2, or 3.
Every individual in their lives have botheration and worries. So fight and be positive. Share things with family and friends. They are always with you in all circumstances. Each day as sunrise and sunset. 
That’s why I say be aware and safe from- DDC: Depression, Death, and Covid-19. Never give up. Just fight. Acche din jarur aynege.

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