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Don't touch me.... I am Corona (Life after Lock-down part-I)

Many questions come in the mind of the people’s with great confusion; Can you get Covid-19 from touching the door handle and seats in public transport or packed material/ food articles by parcel. If the parcel is supplied by Corona infected person.

The WHO released a press issue to clarify fomite transmission risk for catching COVID-19. Fomite means any non-living things that an infected person comes in contact. “The lab report suggested that COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases may get transmitted by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it. If accidentally if you touch your mouth, nose even eyes the virus may spread.
Does it mean that you can catch Covid-19 by touching doorknobs and parcel package from an infected person?
The answer to this logic is yes, Thus, it’s mandatory to clean your hands and additionally avoid face touch or eye contact. It’s not the time to get panic! We are thinking nowadays more of corona so we are in fear. Actually speaking normal flu, and other fomite infections also spread by the same mode of transmission.
Dr. P. Raghu Ram, President of The Association of Surgeons of India says that material you purchase from outside has to be considered to be potentially infected. 

He further given the instruction that for handling groceries or package materials in the times of COVID-19 we should follow these rules:

1. Wash hands regularly even after processing the food articles; not to worry,  cooking kills the pathogens.
2. It’s important to discard the parcel container from groceries in a closed dustbin. Even wash your hand after that discarding process.
   3. Even after processing and cooking vegetables wash your hands.
No, any reports are received to date that touching railings and doorknobs spread the infection as per Erin Bromage, a comparative immunologist and biology professor at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Still don’t dare to touch your eyes and face after that activities. Sometimes few idiotic educated people also misbehave and act like foolish; even they are infected try to hold your hand and shakes your hand and you rub your eyes — and what’s next ……. Congratulation yes,… … you’re infected. Due to socio-idiopathic reason, you fall prey to infection. We never dare to stop such a person due to some social morals and respect for these people. I will talk on this topic some other day. Similarly, if you visit the public place and have a glass of drink, if it is touched by infected person and you rub your eyes, you’re infected.” Thus, precaution is better than a cure. The infected person mostly coughs on his hands and the droplets containing the germs get adhered to and spreads by the article he touches. This is what we call it as fomite transmission.

Mostly these viruses remain
active for three days on plastic and steel, but as it lands the surface, the viable count gets disintegrated within hours. Thus the fresh droplet on the surface is more dangerous than a few days later.
Stay connected… We’ll discuss this topic in detail as part-2 in the next session.
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