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How shall I wear mask in rainy season during COVID19? India fights back part 1

It's raining very heavy, shall I go out without a mask? These types of questions are asked nowadays. If I wear a mask, it will get wet. Once it gets wet the chances of infection increase as compared to not wearing a mask.


1) If I wear a mask, it will get wet and I will use a handkerchief to dry my face. The same handkerchief will be used by me to clean my hands and even glass and my plate before lunch at the office. Am I safe? 
2) It’s raining heavily, I am in the market to purchase some articles. I am having an umbrella and wearing a mask. Oh! My mask is wet. I can’t use my hands to clear the wet surface of the mask. I don’t know my hands are safe to touch the face. Already I have touched many places in the market by hand. I can’t use even hand-wash in the rain. What shall I do? Am I safe?
3) I am driving a bike. It’s raining heavily, I am wearing a cap and raincoat. Still, my mask is wet, I can’t touch the face to clear the rainwater or rather can’t use a handkerchief. What shall I do? Am I safe?
4) I am wearing a full-body raincoat, how can I wear the mask? I will suffocate? I am already irritated by the use of a full-body raincoat. If I don’t use the mask. Is it ok? What shall I do? Am I safe?
5) I am going to market to purchase vegetables, I am carrying the baby with me. I can manage to wear a mask. What shall I do of my baby? I am living alone. My husband is out for a job. I can’t leave the baby alone at home. What shall I do? Am I safe?
6) I am working in the office on the ground floor. It’s raining heavily. By rule and by default I am wearing the mask. Due to humidity, I am sweating and my mask is wet. Many of my colleagues are not wearing a mask. Few are sneezing due to getting wet in the rain. They are not using the mask in the working place. I have an encounter with such a person during the work. Shall I REMOVE THE MASK? I am helpless. What shall I do? Am I safe?

Many such situations you may come across. It's now turning big issue. It was thought that the novel coronavirus epidemic will end in India due to rising temperatures in the summer. It was logical that the potency of the virus will diminish and ends the cycle of spreading infection. In reality, after lockdown, it boomed out. Already the monsoon season is on the doors; so such many questions are coming into the mind about rain effect on the virus.
No one is ready to give any rough estimate or information about the new virus relation with raining conditions.
The monsoon every year comes with many vector-borne diseases like malaria, and chikungunya. Heavy rain is found to damage the larvae of dengue as excessive rains flush out the colony of mosquitoes. The former Deputy Director of National Institute of Virology, Dr M S Chadha told that it may take many years to determine the effect of the different seasons on the nature of the virus, along with its virulence and replication. One positive thing that Dr. Sunita Patil (Pathologist at D Y Patil University and Medical College) says that many people try to remain at home during rainy seasons and thus the virus can get flush out or diluted during this time.
Whatever the situation may be, I believe that we should not only think of Covid-19 in this monsoon season, but also about the flood, waterborne disease, and vector-borne diseases also. So stay maximum at home and stay safe.
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