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Solar eclipse ends Coronavirus? Science versus traditional myths

People now are becoming more myth while thinking about the coronavirus and god curse. Even scientists are trying to find the correlation between these questions. Surya Grahan or solar eclipse will be seen on 21/06/2020.

One of the scientists from the Chennai explained the coronavirus outbreak is having a relationship with the solar eclipse which took place on December 26. A Nuclear and Earth scientist Dr. KL Sundar Krishna, put his views to ANI (press meet) that mutated particles were interacted due to the first neutron emitted after the solar eclipse due to fission reactions. This planetary configuration of new alignment from the solar system eventually triggered the coronavirus outbreak. He further explained that the virus was originated from the upper atmosphere by bio-nuclear interactions. This he explained by the hypothesis of the inter-planetary force variation mechanism.
It’s the part of quantum physics. If the researcher is claiming these different mechanisms then one should take prior precaution for the future outbreaks.
NASA gave the information that the sun will be blocked by the Moon with 99 percent area at the peak of the eclipse. This year is full of eclipses that will be witnessed in July, November, and in December. If this is the case, then hope so in similar manner new particle will be created that will act as anti-corona and will end this pandemic. 
We know that virus is called an alien body. If this virus is coming from the space by the interaction of different particles then one can think that the future is unpredictable for different good and bad incidences. Already scientists are claiming about the multi-verse universe and black hole as part of quantum physics. If we get knowledge about such things in advance then we can protect the world from such pandemic situations. Our ancestor’s books called holy books and Granth are claiming the bad effects of the solar eclipse and precautious measures.
 B) What our mythology says is somewhat different.
1. Eating food and drinking not allowed.
2. No traveling.
3. For pregnant women and baby/child are advised to stay in houses.
4. Don’t look solar eclipse by nude eyes.
5. Don’t perform the auspicious task
6. Discard food processed during the eclipse.
7. Do as many offerings after this eclipse
8. You can protect the food by Tulsi leaves instead of discarding.
On June 21 we have the annular solar eclipse, which is actually a very important event, but it's not as dangerous as the one we had witnessed the last year. The PREDICTIONS about the previous solar eclipse was more than 70 percent is the present situation that all we are facing. So June 21st is basically a solar eclipse and it is an annular solar eclipse. So what would happen during this period in a wonderful shlokamandala that means that there could be stomach issues during this time? Another thing that we can see during this time will be within seven days of termination of this eclipse. This would be observed if a halo around the sun or the moon or there is a dust storm or there is a cyclone or anything else like during the eclipse. According to the planetary positions at this moment with just a mercury in that particular place is not much danger. It would happen during this time, but certain things that I need to specify over here are there would be a slight stomach issue, including abdominal diseases during this period and they could be troubles to Delhi and central India. Crops and rain may be tormented. There would be irregular weather and India and china border issues may be expected why because the main eclipse part is through India and China and that could be one thing. Other than that there could be more danger within seven days of the eclipse and it is highly advised not to step out during this time. I would like to talk about some things more important than this along with the technical details of this eclipse. The eclipse start time in New Delhi at 10:20 am, the maximum eclipse time is at 12:02 pm. The eclipse end time is 1:49 pm. The period when we shouldn't be doing major things like eating food, drinking water and using the bathroom and also avoid other activities like brushing the teeth, oiling the body and venturing out anywhere must be strictly stopped except if there is a case of emergency. The period for everyone without any disease begins at 9:52 pm on the 20th of June whereas it ends at 1:49 pm. The sutaka for kids old and sick people begins at 5:24 am on June 21st and it ends at 1:49 pm. The breakfast at that time, so luckily it is at the beginning of the day so people will not be skipping much of the day at this time so it's very important to follow these rules. These rules are very important as the food gets contaminated by the negative energies of the eclipse during this period and our body also may get contaminated. The only activity that is recommended during this period is to sit down and think of god and tell him to remove all the obstacles in our life. Meditate and chant special mantras. You can chant mantras of Rahu. You can see how this eclipse is working out and that's the sun and the one that is coming to the disc that is covering the sun is the moon and that's what is basically happening. This is a maximum eclipse point and slowly it is moving off shifting and then we have the eclipse which ends after some time. 
I believe that something strange may happen within a week of the eclipse, but this is not as dangerous as the previous one on December 26th, 2019 (outbreak of coronavirus initiation) that's what I believe at the moment. One thing is important that this eclipse will end or trigger the coronavirus. The time will give the answer.  
Finally, you decide what things are needed to be followed. Think by tradition but with a scientific outlook. 

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