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I Rebel when it comes to my family: Baaghi War against Corona

I Rebel when it comes to my family: Baaghi War against Corona
I can live alone. I can live with the pains. I can struggle hard. My final goal is to keep my family safe and happy. If this is thinking, then the time has come to rebel against the corona. To be Baaghi against this infection. I will rebel when it comes to my family. The universe is my family. I can’t tolerate anything if goings against the family.
If people think like this, then we can save families. These safe families will create safe communities. A safe community will create a healthy family. This is the need of time. People are thinking about the consequences only when it comes to their doorstep. Today I came across one family that was happy with grandpa, grandmother, one grandson, and a couple. They were having a small shop and happily, they lived till the last day. Suddenly, grandfather was having chest pain and was showing the symptoms of the difficulty in breathing. The shocking part was most of the doctors denied looking at that case and told to get admitted to the government hospital. The swab was tested and he was found corona positive. The whole family was quarantined. The grandfather was admitted to the hospital and to date, no news is known to the family about his health. The family was tested negative and still are quarantined. The doctors asked the couple about the suspected person who came in contact with grandpa. They replied, “he was not leaving the home.” We haven't allowed him to go to the market. One day he just went to walk and while coming back brought some vegetables. Then after he was not showing good health. He was having some pain in chest and fever and chills. Later, he told difficulty in breathing. Doctors got the idea from where he might have got the infection. The couple was crying and uttered that why he left his father for a walk that day.

This sad story gives us an idea about the current status of corona infection. If the reason for the infection becomes unknown, we can call it as the beginning of the community spread of coronavirus. So, it's real-time that we should be safe not for us but for the family. When it comes to my family I will not keep quiet. I will fight and will end this silent killer. When anyone in the family is affected then not one person get affected rather the whole family suffers. We work integrated. We, Indians only think mostly about family than about self. So, if you really think about family, be a Baaghi, rebel against the corona, and do take care.
Don’t repeat the story that I have discussed here. So, Think positive and take the coronavirus as a serious issue. If you are safe then we living with you are safe.
Take all the measures. If someone sneezes or coughs nearby you, leave that place as soon as possible. We can’t change the mentality of the person who is standing beside you. 

One thing you can do-
  • Watch around,
  •  Keep sanitizers with you.
  •  Don’t go in a crowd
  •  Avoid unnecessary visit to public places
  •  Take special precaution while going to market, malls or going to purchase the vegetables
  •  Only one person should leave the home when anyone is there
  •  People working in offices should check the temperatures of the colleagues
  • If you find anyone coughing or sneezing leave that place and take a hot water bath when you reach home
  • Keep babies and aged peoples only at home
  • If you are going out take care and see which body part of your get exposed (mostly) and keep it sanitized.
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