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WHO will tell real fact about corona?

WHO will tell real facts about corona?
The World (WHO) health the organization is having a higher hierarchy organization place in the world that helps the people to fight against different diseases. If WHO is not knowing the real fact about corona then it’s a difficult time to control this pandemic.
Looking at the image you can understand that how our country is approaching community transmission. The question is how to control these donkeys. If you are the perfect driver it not give you the guarantee of your safety on the road when the person driving on your opposite side is a drunk or is a bad driver. Thus, its time to teach such an illiterate person or even an educated illiterate person.
Big question: WHO will help us?
The WHO on Thursday introduced new guidelines on the novel coronavirus regarding its new mode of transmission. The report says that the Covid-19 is an airborne disease that spreads by very small droplets - aerosols. However, WHO said more facts on the transmission of the virus are needed to be researched and urgent actions will be taken.
The SARS-CoV-2 virus is suggested to be transmitted by direct, indirect, or close contact with the infected individual persons as per WHO previous guidelines. Even asymptomatic people may spread disease; this fact, as research is in the pipelines.
Airborne the disease is totally different from the droplet infection. Microbes that more than than 5 micrometers is called droplet and less than 5 micrometers are called airborne. Diseases like TB can spread through the uncovered cough and sneeze from an infected person to the public. The problem with airborne is that it may travel up to 6-9 feet while the droplets settle on some surfaces.

If you are working in the office with AC then you are at high-risk factor. Visiting the shopping mall with full closed doors and the attached AC system can be a big risk factor. Even if anyone talking loudly in front of you may transmit the diseases as per these new guidelines of WHO. Visiting the public places and sharing the common public transport are at a high risk to spread these diseases. India is currently leading with new cases of the corona and the death rate is also increased. People are not at all serious in this direction. As previously I mentioned that many people not following the rules and regulation which respect to wearing of mask or social distancing; thus there are increased cases of coronavirus. Whatever the guidelines come, you act precautious and cautious. As the syllabus is same (coronavirus) but the question papers (WHO guidelines) are changing. If you are perfect in the syllabus then no one fails you in the exam and this is the exam of life and death.

Only the solution to get rid of this situation is to use masks and sanitization. No one is going to save you. You follow the rules and be safe. Even many people may troll on you and prevent you from following these rules. The fact is don’t fall prey to their thoughts. Follow the rules not for the safety of yours but for your father, mother, child, or brother/sister i.e. for your family safety.  Don’t be a donkey. It's a real war situation with an unseen enemy. Follow the safety measures and even traditional holistic methods such as the use of tulsi, lemon, or a healthy diet.
The balanced diet and your immunity are going to help you to win this war situation. Stay home and don’t visit public places unnecessarily. If you want to see 2021 then stay home and stay happy.

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