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COVID-19 recovered patient again positive?


OMG! COVID-19 recovered patient again positive, after discharge from the hospital? 

फिर से कोरोना

Many people nowadays are getting infected from coronavirus and also getting cured. Many are celebrating this recovery by sharing their joy with friends and family.

Till date suddenly 19 cases of reactive COVID-19 in Maharashtra were reported, is the breaking news in social media. The question is whether its a case of relapse or incomplete cure state or something else (reactive)? The report says that those 19 were treated and were discharged from the hospital to their respective home. This news spread like fire in the dry forest and all are shocked by it.

Dr. Tatyarao Lahane former Dean of Grant Medical College and J. J. Hospital, Mumbai, reported that no relapse case of coronavirus was reported but 19 new cases of corona infection reported are reactive cases of COVID-19 disease. So the question arises in the mind that what's difference between relapse and reactive?

The relapse means that the person is susceptible to the disease in which he or she has already recovered from the previous disease which is again reoccurred. The word reactive means “required amount of antibodies against the diseases are not found” in such cured patients from any inf. Such a person may show the symptoms and can become again infected. Each and every person is different. Immunity varies from person to person. If the reactive coronavirus if again gets activated in the patient who claimed to be cured then its great case of concern. Then its a question that to celebrate after the recovery from the coronavirus infection or wait for the confirmation of reactive corona infection. Can those people with such immunity be considered as ticking bomb which may spread the infection even after the recovery from the coronavirus?

Thus, its prime responsibility of coronavirus treated person to take care of their own health. If they are showing the old symptoms of coronavirus after discharge from COVID-19 then they should take treatment as early as possible. These discharged people from previous coronavirus infection should concentrate on the diet and regular exercise. They should take precautions which include cleaning their own articles with sanitation. They should wear the mask so they reactivation is prevented.

फिर से कोरोना

Why corona reactive occurred in these 19 patients in Maharashtra?

1)    The required amount of antibodies are not formed against the diseases?

2)    Probably a few traces of the virus were remaining in the body that got triggered due to the weak immunity of the person (lack of proper diet and exercise)?

3)    Maybe in the weak immune condition, these cured patients again came in contact with strongly infected COVID-19 patients

Now you decide to celebrate after recovery from COVID-19 infection?

So it’s important to all community i.e. normal person and recovered patient (whose antibody production against coronavirus infection is less) to wear the mask and follow social distances.

Moral: Confusing but cured patient with coronavirus may get reactivate

So stay safe stay healthy and wait for the vaccine.

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