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Disrespecting parents and its dangerous consequences


Do you disrespect your parents or grandparents? Are you not feared about the serious consequences if you do so? Then be alert, as today I am going to share the real fact stories recently occurred due to disrespecting or ignoring the words of the parents.

Due to social media and TV, today’s generation is losing the moral path of behavior. Although today’s young generation is fast and forward if you not brake the speed the changes of accident increases drastically. Thus, our parents or grandparents are experts in this direction to guide you. If you disrespect then you lose beyond your imagination.

Here are two stories waiting for you.

Story number one

A) Royal family curse:

A few years back there lived a family in Andrapradesh named Tapus. The family consists of an old couple and his son. The couple was praised for their generous behavior and royalty. The old lady from the couple was great followers of ancient culture and devotion to god. The old man was a successful businessman. The son completed his education in one of the metropolitan cities and returned to his village. The old couple was planning for the marriage of his son with great joy and like a memorable ceremony. Initially, the son rejected many girls from his village and relatives and got married to a city girl. The son was greatly fascinated by the life-style of the city so decided to leave that village permanently. The old couple requested the new couple to be with them and continue their family business. Finally, the new couple left and ignored completed the old couple. The son got a heavy loss in his work and came back to his parents for financial support. The old-man paid all the losses and requested again to join and continue his family business. He denied and left. Again in a few months, he got major failure and monitory loss. He again went back and demanded money from his old parents. Due to old age and loneliness, the old-man was struggling in his business. The workers under him were taking the advantage and made old-man business bankrupt. During this phase, old-lady fell ill and again requested the new couple to return back and join the family business but her son denied. After a few months, the old-lady die alone with the old man. Son just visited the funeral and left alone his father at the village. During this period, the old man invested heavily to develop his own house like a castle with a view that his son one day will return to him and will look after his set business. After a few years due to loneliness, the old-man decided to leave his business empire and newly built castle and went to his son.

The son was living in a rented home in a metro-city and still was struggling in his own work with a new loan. After seeing this lifestyle of son his old father again requested to return back to the village. He tried to convince his son and daughter-in-law. Both denied. Due to this disrespect and poor livelihood of a son, the old-man crashed and got admitted to the hospital. His son remained till the last breath of old-man in hospital. During his last days, the old-man thought that his son will return back but it didn’t happen. The old-man died of cardiac arrest alone in the hospital. Due to corona and lockdown rules his final rituals were done at the city in the absence of people. People in his countryside got shocked by the news. If this would have happened in his hometown, the whole village would have attained his final journey.

After a few months when his son visited his hometown he was shocked by the overlook of the mansion created by his father. It was his bad luck that due to ignorance the mansion created by his father was taken control by the local workers by cheat. His whole property was high-jacked by some bad ones in the village. He lost his family home, business, and royal life.

When returned home his wife also left him and went away. He went in shock and was remembering the final words of his parents. He was in full regrets and sorry but do his disrespect behavior to parents he lost his good royal life. It was the bad omen of the family that the royal family was bankrupted.

Moral of the story: Don’t disrespect your parents


Story number two

B) Over-conservation and hat hatred

In Kolhapur, there lived a family. This family was having a couple and three children (2 girls and a naughty boy). The family was wholly controlled by the lady with dominant nature. She was having a full ego and violent nature. She not only disrespected her parents but also neighbors living nearby. His son was making many mischievous that neighbors used to suffer a lot. Instead of controlling his son, she used to quarrel with all nearby families. They left many houses due to her son nature and her psychic behavior.

One day her son created such a mess that they have to visit the police station with her whole family as they bit one neighbor family in a drunken state. This not changed their behavior even when her husband lost his job. Their parents and relatives told them to change nature but they always disrespected them. This situation made the nature of their grandson more badly.

After a few year, the grandson fall prey to bad persons and got attested at a younger age. The lady cried and pled to the society to save her child but it was too late. Then she realized that her nature was mirrored in her son. If she would have listened to her elders and relatives earlier would have saved everything. Her husband's life was destroyed due to alcohol and brutal behavior.

Moral of the story: Disrespected your parents may destroy the lives of your future generation

These were two real stories that we witnessed. So you decide how to behave.


Final moral: “Disrespecting your parents will pay you today or tomorrow”




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  1. Absolutely right stories.
    We should have to respect our beloved parents.



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