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Do you know major reason behind corona death?

The major reason behind corona death- fear?

The death toll increased due to coronavirus. The reason for the spread of the infection is unknown these days. Maybe we are facing the third phase of community spread. Luckily many getting cured themselves without knowing that they are suffering from the infection.

Those with low immunity are prone to infection. In severe cases, these people are getting hospitalized but few are losing their lives during treatment.

Studies say that there are no age criteria for the curing of the infection. Babies and many infants have defeated these diseases while many youngsters have lost their lives during the war with the Covid-19. Even elders (old age people) above 60 plus also 100 above have defeated the Covid-19 easily.

The survey study has shown that the majority of death observed in case of coronavirus is due to fear. The daily news and media have created a great fear factor against the coronavirus. The fear of getting corona resulted in cardiac arrest in many adults even youngsters below 20.

The reason behind fear (some myths)

1) No cure against diseases

2) Quarantine conditions,

3) Hospital phobia especially due to COVID-19

4) Image in society

5) The belief that once taken by government authorities for treatment changes that he will return is less

6) No vaccine available

7) Depression (job/ work from home)

8) Non-social life (no interaction with distant relatives)

9) Phobia to go in the market

10) Lack of sleep in case of minor infection (respirtory) 

The consequences of fear-

1) The rise in blood pressure

2) Loss of consciousness

3) Deep breath

4) Loss of body coordination

5) Acidity

6) Cardiac arrest in extreme fear

7) Panic condition

7) Coma or death

The same above symptoms you can see in case of snake-bite, accidents or animal attacks.

Moral- The fear may be the real culprit behind the death in many disease conditions.

Proper counseling and mental support can save many lives in this pandemic.

So get proper information about symptoms and line of treatment against this disease.

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  1. Helpful Information .
    But sir how can we increased our immunity in daily life ?

  2. Helpful Information .
    But sir how can we increased our immunity in daily life ?



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