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Do you love your aging babies? Grandparents!

Message to all:

"Care the grandparents as alike baby".

Won’t you feel that grandparents are always more close to their grandson or daughters and vice-versa? What kind of mysterious relation both have with each other?

I believe that person having their grandparents with them are really the luckiest person in the universe.

The entry of newborn babies inside any family is like the beginning of the celebration. Every individual of the family tries to give more time with this new member and enjoy each and every moment with it. While on the contrary entertaining our grandparents or rather sparing time with them feels like wastage of time. Babies do naughty and foolish things that are praised and captured as a funny event of life. We believe and its fact that baby’s cognitive abilities are not well developed and they do many mischievous activities; further, these acts are ignored and we motivate them.

Any individual crossing the age above 65 years are considered as elders or old-age (Jest nagrik). Their activities become sluggish and very low. They start showing some activities which may be somewhat non-cognitive which people generally call as foolish. Their remembrance abilities start diminishing. So the government starts providing them facilities like reservations in public transport, extra interest in banking sectors and pensions. But what about us? What extra care we do take? Are we treating them special? Are we giving the same treatment as that we do with the newborns?

There is nothing more difference between new-born and our grandparents.

      1) Both are slow in their activities

      2) Forget things to do (low remembrance)

      3) Both need care and love

      4) Both feel insure when are left alone

    5) Need extra attention (medical care and other activities)

      6) Accidentally may break some household things

Some funny things observed in the case of new-born and our grandparents which are in common

      1)  Funny innocent smile

     2) Love to share small activities of their day to day life with you

     3) Totally are relying on you for small things of their day to day life with you

   4) Demand small-small things from you especially when you visit any market. (elders are sometimes embarrassed/ shy to ask things, but children’s never do)

       5) Both ask for a time especially with you

So you can understand that the behavior of babies and grandparents is nearly (almost 100%) the same. So both are close to one another and enjoy each other’s company. So you decide that how to behave with your grandparents. Ask the people the importance of grandparents who have lost them. A mostly human being is having a very bad tendency that is mostly seen that is they realize the importance of a person when he/she leaves (dies). After their death, we cry, regret, and miss their presence but when they are alive we ignore them like nothing. Just for second imagine that you will not be going to see your grandparents in the future? ….. felt the Goosebumps?

I don’t have grandparents so know that pain. So, if you are lucky to have your grandparents with you, “don’t leave them alone but make them live lol (laugh out loud)”. Enjoy each and every day with them and make their presence special.   

So you can understand that the behavior of babies and grandparents is nearly (almost 100%) the same. As both enjoy each other’s company. Then why we discriminate elders and not give special treatment to elders like small children. Just remember: The only difference is one is entering your world (babies) and other is at the end of the journey of the world (grandparents). So love them and capture the moment with them. While playing with the babies you to become the same, try the same things with elders, you will get the real juice of innocence and heavenly feeling. 

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