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Easy Tips for Taking Care of Elderly Parents

The elders in the home need only love and attention. If you care then they can live with you for years. Once if you lose them you will not get them back in return of any money or treasure. They are the real treasure of your life. Today, we'll highlight on health of elders. 

The elders require treatment at the home. Special attention is only given at their respective home. Expert advice some of the standard tips. One should advocate taking care of elders at home. One of the first things you have to understand is there is a role reversal when you take care of elders. When you are young your parents looked up to you as a child and when the parents become old you become the parent effectively and your parent becomes a child. As long as you understand this role of the reversal mechanism you will have a lot of pointers towards how to take care of elders at all. The next thing you could do is to advocate home safety measures. There are a lot of hazards at home that can be lethal for an elder like for example uneven flooring, improper lighting, and various other mechanisms and gadgets which the elders can trip on. It’s your responsibility to take care of all these home hazards. The elders to a great extent will have a very comfortable living at home. The next aspect is to ensure that the elders have a good amount of physical activity and good nutritional support. Physical activity is important because if they do not undergo this physical activity they will not feel hungry and their muscles will become wasted and they may feel lethargic, so getting good physical activity will ensure that their muscles are in good tone. If they are mobile they can have a fairly good appetite so that they can eat well. Eating also cannot be indiscriminate. You cannot splurge on just one type of food like a carbohydrate. A well-balanced diet which includes fruits, vegetables rich in proteins, calcium, and vitamin D are essential for their good health. For maintaining their bone strength you should also take care of their supplementary diet because most of the elders have some ill health.

The other health factor can be of two other levels.

1) One is at the preventive level in which we make sure that they do not acquire any ill health. Sometimes at a very therapeutic level that is when they have hypertension, dementia or Parkinson's the proper medications for that particular ailment are to be taken care of. We should take care of the elder’s health by monitoring these things by maintaining simple dairy. In the dairy, you can make a time table of medication along with the timing so they will not miss any dose.

2) The next step would be to have some kind of a wrapper with the elders and handle them well. You should give them attention at the same time and give them the feeling that they are independent. Take care of their social activities, socialize with them, spend time with them at dinner, at breakfast, and discuss certain TV series with them. Its a need for the time to discuss certain salient points with elders such as newspapers, their hobbies, or reading them (thoughts). Make them feel safe. Give them enough space so that they feel independent. Give them their comfort zones so that they did not feel that somebody is intrusive on them. Give them financial independence so that they can do their planning for their investments and so on; therefore it's a mix of both giving attention and giving them freedom. This is what we believe that one should do for their parents. 

In next session will discuss the different activities that can be designed in order to keep our old-age parents engaged in some work. This will keep them happy and healthy. So stay in touch. 

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