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New corona symptoms and its prevention

 New symptoms of corona and holistic preventive measures

The outbreak of the coronavirus in form of COVID-19 is invading the Indian community as compared to other countries. Many people suffered and recovered from this epidemic. These symptoms are now varying from person to person.

The respiratory problem along with the fever are common symptoms seen in the case of all patients. Nowadays new symptomatic conditions are observed in the new patients. These include:

1)    Rashes on the skin- It may be due to drug side effects of drugs/medicine or due to diseases specific responses by individuals.

2)    Loss of smell and taste- This type of symptoms are observed in Covid-19 patients. According to the survey it was found that these conditions remain for a period of 3-7 days. One study published in the Journal Rhinology claims that people suffering from COVID-19 are having new symptoms like loss of taste and smell which is totally different from the other flu like conditions. The study claims that this virus has the potential to affect the nervous system of an infected person. Some telltale and survey carried out by ANI report that

-        Coronavirus infected person has the symptoms like loss of taste without runny or blocked nose

-         They are in free to breathe with loss of taste

-        They are not in the condition to determine sour, sweet and bitter taste (one of patient claimed that heavy intake of lemon was not sensed by his tongue- one of the extreme case)

Carl Philpott, a professor at UEA's Norwich Medical School claimed that this will help to identify the Covid-19 and other flu persons. He further says that this symptom can’t be the standard method to identify the COVID-19 patient and it cannot replace the standard conventional method to detect COVID-19

These symptoms may help to understand the nature of coronavirus more closely.

Holistic suggested measures for coronavirus infection prevention

1)    Use the vaporizer or steamer for more than 2 minutes when you leave your home for any work. So go and purchase the steamer. The cost may vary from 200 to 600 INR. To get effective results add Nilgiri/ Eucalyptus oil in the steamer. Many researcher believe that steam can denature the outer lipid/protein layer of the virus and kill it. It also gives a soothing effect to the nostril and throat. It is ideally suggested to inhale the vaporizer at-least twice a day. Further, it prevents the secondary infection conditions of the upper respiratory tract and prevents complications.

     Use of Kadha (herbal potion) containing tulsi, ginger, turmeric, mulethi, cinnamom, black pepper and cloves are found effective in preventing any upper respiratory tract infection. You may receive such messages in social media such as


Ginger- 1 

Raw turmeric- 1 

Tulsi- 8-10 leaves

Mulethi- 4-5 sticks

Cinnamon- 4-5 sticks

Black pepper- 10-12

Cloves- 10-12

Water- 8-10 cups


Step 1. Take hot water in a saucepan and add these above ingredients individually.

Step 2. Further, Boil it for at least 45- 60 min at medium flame.

Step 3. Cool it naturally and consume fresh for the whole day.

Thus literally this has helped in preventing normal cold and flu-like conditions.

 (Warning: Take consent of expert before consuming Kadha for better results against respiratory infections)

Moral of the story: Use steamer regularly to prevent the infection of the upper respiratory tract. Also, use kadha from a professional dietician or Ayurveda practitioners. Finally don’t ignore any symptoms in relation to respiratory tract infection and get cured in time. Have a balanced diet rich in vitamins (especially Vitamin B and C). Thus, Live happy and stay healthy.

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