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Amazing and Weird Facts of the Human Body

Do you know that our body is sometimes bizarre in working!
So let's check it. 
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Amazing facts of our body are:
  • The iron content in the human body is enough to make a 3 inches long nail in a lifetime.
  • Human being during his complete lifetime sheds almost 22 kilograms of skin.
  • In every 2000 babies, you will find one with a tooth.
  • If you are hungry and starving then your mouth will be watery by seeing the food, jokes apart, in fact, the human body can produce almost two swimming pools full of saliva during his/her lifetime.
  • In every 20 people, you will find one with an extra rib, especially in men.
  • The blood vessel in the human body is tricky, the average length of all vessels may range approximately 96,000 km.
  • A person cannot live without air and water. But a person can die of lack of sleep as compared to starvation within a few weeks.
  • The height of a person varies during the time period of 24 hours. He or she may be taller in the morning but at the end of the day cartilage between your bones get compressed which results in a decrease in height by 1 cm.
  • Diseases mostly spread largely by shaking hands as compared to kissing, but it doesn’t mean kissing is safe, lol.
  • The human head works for almost 15 seconds and remain conscious after decapitation.
  • The unique feature of a person is not only fingerprints but also the tongue print.
  • Exercise makes your muscle stronger, thus, the strongest muscle award goes to the tongue making the jaw bone the hardest part of the body.
  • The acidity is not always good as it may precipitate the damage to the stomach as it may erode razorblades by intimate contact.
  • The similarity index in genes of chimp and human is around 98.4% of our DNA.
  • The brain is the strongest processor in the world. Within a fraction of a second, you can feel the pain, but the brain itself not feel any pain
  • Twins not only share the common looks but also share the same smell which others cannot imagine.
  • The motors or pumps are used to pressure the water from pipes to the valves, similarly human heart exerts such a high pressure that it can squirt blood up to 30 feet high in the air. Don’t try this at home (take it as a joke)
  • All animals cry and ooze the tears, the human is only exceptional who can produce tears by emotions.
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