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Beware of fraud for pulse oximeter and covid-19


A pulse an oximeter is a device that is used to quickly and easily monitor a patient's oxygen saturation which means that it can measure the level of oxygen within the blood specifically in arterial blood without using any invasive means. It is typically a small portable device that clips onto the finger and provides a reading within seconds and in addition to monitoring oxygen saturation the device provides a heart rate.

Fraud 1

The fake oximeter is available in the market also shows the SpO2 blood oxygen level of non-living things such as pens and pencils. If you don’t believe then watch the video.

 Click on the video for a demonstration 

 Working of oximeter

It measures arterial blood flows to parts of the body from the heart fresh with oxygen where it diffuses to the surrounding tissues and cells and if there is a lack of oxygen in the blood that means that your body tissues will not be oxygenated properly and can be hazardous to your health. This can be an indication of serious pulmonary issues and that is why it's so important to use a pulse oximeter. Respiratory therapist as well as other healthcare professionals use these portable devices to constantly monitor their patients oxygenation levels and their heart rate and these vital sign readings help provide a better understanding of the patient's overall cardiopulmonary status and in some cases, it is also recommended that patients with cardiopulmonary problems keep their very own pulse oximeter at home. So many of us nowadays are using pulse oximeter for monitoring COVID-19 oxygen depletion level in the body.

The normal ranges for a heart rate and oxygen saturation is 60 to 100 beats per minute and 95 to 100% respectively. The drops of oxygen below 90% in case of Covid-19 is referred to as hypoxemia which means that there is an abnormally low level of oxygen in the blood.  Hypoxemia is treated with supplemental oxygen so if you are a regular user of a pulse oximeter at home and the results that you are getting are consistently falling outside of the normal ranges it will probably be wise for you to consider seeing your doctor or seeking professional medical advice

Fraud 2

Cyber hygiene affiliated to the Government of India’s Ministry of Home Affairs warned the mobile user against the cyber threat to not use the oximeter apps that claim to show oxygen levels by finger touch on the screen of mobile/ TAB. The detailed information was posted on twitter. These Scam apps are can harm your personal data from mobile. Users should be aware that for working of the oximeter any device should have the features of a physical SpO2 blood oxygen sensor. Chances are these Apps Can Steal Your Fingerprint and can be misused. Similar scam apps are available outside the Google play store, so beware.  

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