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Chinese vaccine defeated Covid-19?


China may be having the vaccine with them, resulting decline in coronavirus cases and death. The media highlights that their pharma-companies already started the production of the vaccine on large scale.

The local media in China on other hand making some other news as follows:

The staff at state-owned firms are getting injected under an urgent use protocol Synovac (a China-based biopharmaceutical company) which is one of the vaccine makers is hopeful that it has a candidate that's going to be available soon so much so that it's built a factory in Beijing solely dedicated to the coronavirus vaccine. If China gets its way for vaccine production then this facility in Beijing will be among the first to produce vaccines to ward off. The coronavirus Synovic built this factory in a matter of months with the goal of shipping 300 million doses a year. The company believes it's on track to start mass production as early as the end of this year. The vaccine called Coronavac is based on a traditional method using an inactivated virus to get the body's immune system to kill off the real virus. This type of technology is mature and has been proved to be useful and effective among different kind of vaccines listed by Synovac as one of six vaccines globally in the final stage. The Chinese vaccines are being tested in the public too on medical workers and volunteers at state firms, Synovac believes it couldn't have ramped up so quickly without government fast track approvals subsidies but they're soon going to be filled with technicians testing the coronavirus vaccine preparing for mass production.

Whatever the Chinese local media says, the decline in cases of coronavirus and mass production of vaccines gives us a slight indication that China has defeated the virus as they may be having proper vaccine with them.

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