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Coconut oil and its magical healing holistic therapy

 The holistic therapies have amazed the world from time to time by its outstanding results in healing patients' diseases. Today I am going to talk on the importance of coconut oil as old remedial therapy.

Apply coconut oil on the soles of your feet.

Check some of the facts

1. One woman named Shetty wrote that my grandfather passed away at the age of 87. He was not having back pain, no joint pain, no headache, no toothache. He once said that while living in Mangalore, he met an old man. He had advised them to apply oil on the soles of his feet while he was sleeping. And since then this treatment has been there as the only source of his health. So they never had any trouble.  

2. A student from Manipal said that his mother insisted on applying coconut oil under his feet. He said he had poor eyesight when he was younger. As she continued this process, his eyesight gradually improved completely and to good health. 

3. A householder from Udupi, Shri. Kamath, who was a trader, wrote that I had gone to Kerala for a holiday. I tried to take rest in the hotel there, but could not sleep. I started running outside. An old guard sitting outside at night started asking me, "What happened?" I said I can't sleep! He smiled and said, "Do you have coconut oil?" I said no, he went and got some coconut oil and said, "Massage the soles of your feet for a few minutes." But then I slept peacefully. And now I'm normal again.  


     1. Massage coconut oil on the soles of the feet before going to bed at night to get more restful sleep and reduce fatigue.  

    2. I had a stomach ache. My stomach-aches healed in 2 days after massaging my soles with coconut oil. 

     3. Real! This process has a magical effect. Many are following these traditional techniques before going to bed at night. This process gave them a very restful sleep.

     4. I have been doing this for the last 1 year. This helps me fall asleep right away. I also massage the soles of my little ones’ feet with coconut oil, which keeps them very happy and healthy.    

    5.  Elder’s legs get hurt due to age factors. Before going to bed at night I started massaging there soles with coconut oil for 2 minutes every day. This procedure relieved there leg pain. 

    6. One of my neighbour had hemorrhoids twelve or thirteen years ago. His friend took him to the 90s. He advised rubbing coconut oil on the palms of the hands, between the fingers, between the nails, and on the nails and said: Apply four to five drops of coconut oil on the navel and lie down. He started following the advice of Hakim Saheb. He was very relieved. This tip also solved his constipation problem. The fatigue on his body was relived and he felt relaxed. Prevents snoring.    

    7. If your legs are swollen and tired by walking. Follow the above process.

      8. Other benefits: peaceful sleep, no need for sleeping pills for a restful sleep. Relieves headaches and observed some positive effects on thyroid disease.

The South Indian mystery is as follows: The only secret, and very simple for everyone, is “You can only apply coconut oil on the whole foot, especially three minutes on the right sole for more positive effects. Start massaging the soles of the feet while sleeping and in the same way massage the feet of the children. Make it a daily routine for the rest of your life. Then see the perfection of nature. You can experience many health benefits throughout your life. According to ancient Chinese medicine, there are about 100 acupressure points under the feet. Many ailments are also cured by pressing and massaging those organs. This foot massage therapy is used all over the world. This is the naturopathy method of body healing. Please share this information with your friends so they can get benefits.

Today's Bonus tip for you:
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