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Do people think you normal?

We all know we're unique individuals but the important question is, are you normal? Did people think you normal? 

Which hand you use?

For example, if you're right-handed, then yes you're in the norm. 85% of the global population use right hand for major activities and even if both of your parents are left-handed there's only a 25% chance that you will be too. 

There is another myth about tongue. If you can't roll your tongue you're not normal. 65% to 81% of the population can do. 

Hair color and teeth

Have dark hair? Normal and only 0.5% of people have red hair. Rest part you all know. Had your wisdom teeth removed? Around 65% of people worldwide need this done. Many of you might have troubled due to wisdom tooth pain.


If you wear glasses, you may be part of the growing norm affecting around 2.5 billion people worldwide. It's believed that increased indoor activity in childhood plays a major role in the risk of being near-sighted. Do yoga and eye exercise to prevent glasses.


Approximately 75% of adults in the world have some form of lactose intolerance, meaning they experience unpleasant digestive symptoms from dairy products. So milk is toxic to such people, hard to digest. So alternative source of food is meat for these people. And if they're a vegetarian, they're in the minority too, with only 4-5% in North America and a little over 30% in India excluding meat from their diet.

Funny fact

Have a birthday in February? Weirdo! Most people are born around August and September. Can you guess why? 😀

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