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The lemon a day keeps corona away?

Lemon or orange are the rich sources of Vitamin C. vitamin C is found most effective in a line of the treatment of COVID-19 in the current situation globally. The local hospital are giving patient directly the Vitamin C tablets or capsule. If you want Vitamin C there is no need to purchase it from a medical shop. Just consume a lemon or orange it is better than eating artificial Vitamin C. Rather, lemon is cheaper around 2 INR and it is the richest source of Vitamin C.

The study was conducted on more than 100 animal proven that a daily dose of a vitamin C prevents the minor infections of the respiratory system. During the SARSCoV1 outbreak in 2003, Vitamin C was used as a non-specific micronutrient to treat the severe form of the viral respiratory tract infections.


Vitamin C is found important in various cellular functions of the immune system. It is found as a great inflammatory mediator against various viral infections. The study on chick embryo suggested that vitamin C fights coronavirus by scavenging mechanism. The scavenging mechanism means the generation of antioxidants that strengthen the cells to fight against free radicals or foreign bodies. Thus, Vitamin C is the best source of the immune booster.


Additionally, vitamin C improves the survival rate of cells in stressed (disease) conditions. In china intravenous, vitamin C was given in combination with corticosteroids and thiamine and it proved effective in organ dysfunction and reduced the death rate of patients. Further, vitamin C is found effective in adults and children suffering from pneumonia, as well as for patients from ICU. A Cochrane Systematic Review concludes that daily use of 1-2 g vitamin C is inexpensive, safe and prevent the incidence of the common cold. 


The older patients are at increased risk from COVID-19 pneumonia, which is due to poor immune system reflexes against the viral infection. Thus, Vitamin C consumption may act as a prophylactic agent. Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid is a water-soluble micronutrient that is not stored inside the body. It is given out daily in the form of waste material like urine. So daily consumption of lemon or orange is very important, in order to maintain its balance inside the body. The requirement of Vitamin C/day is 90mg, 75mg, and 120mg in males, females, and pregnant ladies respectively.

A recent case study observed was surprising and it was published in the American Journal of case reports. 74-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital and was found critical so admitted in ICU. The oxygen level was 87% with signs of pneumonia. The patient was given azithromycin and oral hydroxychloroquine but on day 6 she was incident with septic shock and was kept on a mechanical ventilator. She was dosed with Vitamin C (I.V.) as a saline solution and she recovered within 5 days. It was published in an American journal with great credentials as an unusual recovery of critical COVID-19 patients with a dose of Vitamin C.  


So finally you decide what next and what to do best. 

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