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Beware of pets it can cause rabies

 Biting of pets or wild animals increases the chances of Rabies.

Even if your own pet bites you; you are at the risk of infection.

Rabies is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the brain in humans. In other mammals, most cases of rabies caused by dog bites but in Asia and America pet bites are the most common source of rabies infections.

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The symptoms and incubation period between infection and the first symptoms are typically one to three months in humans. It may be even as short as four days and longer than six days as per documentation. Depending upon the severity of the contaminated wound and the amount of virus introduced initial symptoms are nonspecific such as fever and headache. The rabiul progresses symptoms can include partial paralyzes, chanting, insomnia, confusion, imitation of abnormal behavior, hydrophobia, paranoia terror with progression to delirium, and coma. Death usually occurs two to ten days after the first symptoms.

Rabies is caused by a number of laser viruses including rabies virus and Australian bat lyssavirus.

How rabies spreads:

The road of infection is usual by the bite of any local animals. In many cases, the infected animals are exceptionally aggressive exhibit symptoms else otherwise uncharacteristic behavior after the infection is observed. The virus enters the peripheral nervous system and travels along the afferent nerves towards the CNS central neurosis. When the virus reaches the brain it rapidly causes encephalitis. Once the patient becomes symptomatic then the treatment is almost ineffective and increases the chances of mortality. Thus, vaccinating pets such as dogs, cats, and ferrets against rabies keeping the people in contact with them safe.

If the animal is acting strangely if bitten then wash the wound with soap and water for 10 to 15 minutes before treatment. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention people receive one dose of human rabies i.e. globulin and four doses of the rabies vaccine over 14 days period. The first dose of rabies vaccine is given as soon as possible after exposure; always additional doses RECOMMENDED after the first vaccination.

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