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Can we save anyone's life from a snake bite?

Can we save anyone's life from a snake bite? yes. Check one example below 

Check this video

Mr. Ravi, he likes to go for an evening walk in the park.

One of the evening he was walking in the park and suddenly he was bit by something. He screamed and looked around and he realized it was a snake.

He shouted for help. It is a good idea to notice the color, body scales, head, or any special characteristics of the snake because it will help the doctor to identify the venom. If you missed it, not to worry, but do not waste your time looking for the snake or trying to kill. The most important thing is the victim should remain calm, relaxed, and fearless; otherwise, it will increase the blood flow and the heart rate resulting in the rapid spread of venom.

Do you know only 20% of the snakes are venomous and there are 50% chances with venomous snakes that will deliver a dry bite. Numinous of snake has delivered a venomous bite. By following the correct treatment in you can easily save yourself from any injury.

When you see people like Mr. Ravi help him and call the ambulance.

You should move such a person to a safe place. The affected parts of the victim should be kept in mobile as much as possible. When I saw the helper doing activities it surprised me. While moving the victim the helper kept the victim's body below the level of the heart. The helper makes the victims sit on the floor that resulted in load stretched.  He removed any tight-fitting clothes along with the rings, wrist-watch, etc from the affected body part or on the wound in order to prevent the swelling. It is important not to cut the wound as it will increase the chance of infection. Do not suck the venom because it will only remove a negligible amount of venom and might also poison the helper. Do not eat or drink anything particularly caffeine or alcohol as it increased the heart rate and blood flow. Arrange a long bandage or clean cloth wrap up the wound; loose enough to insert a finger and wrap it up till the top. Do not use a tourniquet as if we potentially restrict the blood flow to the affected area. Do not use ice for the wound because it might increase the damage. Immobilized body part with a wooden piece or a stick and tie to the bandage or cloth before you transfer the victim to the hospital.

The doctor can then detect the venom and administer it with suitable anti-venom to the patient.

Presence of mind in immediate treatment can save the life of the patient after a snake bite. 

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