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Home remedies for minor diseases

Home remedies for some diseases and disorders that can bring a great change in your lives:

Material: Cucumber


Increase digestion; better sleep.

Cut the cucumber and have it with the pepper powder and salt it will enhance your digestion. If your limbs are rubbed with a cucumber pulp, the eyes will get a calm feeling and tight sleep. Cucumber slices on the facial skin brighten the looks.

Material: Cardamom


Cardiovascular Disease for People suffering from Indigestion is relieved by it's use. The mouth taste gets enhanced by using the cardamom in the routine food. In diarrhea, eating a little cardamom with butter can reduce the symptoms.

Material: Pepper

Relief: indigestion, acne, worm disease.

Peppermint powder and ginger juice can help relieve indigestion. Some of the chilies are doused in water to treat acne with its combination. Drinking pepper decoction in the morning and night is effective against the worms.

Material: Onion

Remedy: Anemia, wound pain, bleeding.

Eating a regular raw onion for several days along with a meal will cure anemia. Applying the crushed onion on wounds caused by fireworks can reduce pain. If there is frequent bleeding from the nose, a couple of onions in the nose will stop the bleeding within days.

Material: Peanut

Uses: weight gain, hiccups.

The body weight will increase if you consume the peanut with the jaggery for several days. Drinking the fumes of roasted seaweed on the stove will stop the hiccup.

Material: pineapple

Calming: headache, drowsiness

When there is a general headache, consuming jaggery with a little ghee will reduce headaches. For pregnant women or people having frequent sedation drinking hot jaggery can relieve these problems and become the source of energy.

Material: Ginger

Calming: throat bruising, mouth odor

Cold or other problems can cause a sore throat. If you are not able to speak properly due to cold then have ginger, cloves, and a little cooking salt. Ginger ash with a little salt reduces the mouth odor.

Material: Fennel

Remedy: Sugar Disease

Fenugreek is helpful in the control of diabetes.

Drinking fennel juice every morning is effective when sugar syndrome begins. Fenugreek has medicinal properties so just try it.

Material: sesame

Remedy: Burned wound, burning urine

Applying sesame oil to the burn will heal the wound quickly. Drinking sesame and cucumber together with milk and ghee will cure all sorts of burning urine and inflammation.

Mustard (mustard)

Calming: Toothache, pickled fungus

Those with a toothache should chew a little mustard to get fast relief. This will also alleviate toothache and increases appetite. If the mustard is used a little more in the pickle increases it's longevity. 

Material: Wheat

Relief: Stomach ulcers, arthritis

Eating chapati of wheat flour helps to prevent stomach ulcers. The strength of teeth and gums is developed by its regular use in diet. Having a wheat flour will help relieve hip and bone pain.

Material: Ginger


indigestion, colds, toothache.

If you eat four granules of salt-ginger combination before eating will resolve the issues of indigestion. The decoction of green leaves mixed with sugar three times a day will prevent the common cold. 

Material: Honey

Healing: burns, scabies.

Using honey immediately after a burn is a great way to ease the wound. Honey is a cure for skin diseases and ulcers when you use it along with the lemongrass.

Material: pineapple

(Jack Fruit)

Calming: bile deformity, nervous weakness.

Eating fruit with honey helps relieve gallstones. Drinking bananas juice with honey in a small amount will increase physical strength and reduce nervous weakness.


Sitaphala (Custard Apple)

Uses: Increase digestion, blood growth.

Consuming this fruit after a meal, every day will improve digestion. It is a cooler technique to strengthening the blood vessels. It also relieves vomiting and abdominal pain. 

Material: Raspberry

(Bitter Gourd)

Remedies: Diabetes, Intestinal Ulcers, Hemorrhoids.

Patients suffering from diabetes can be cured using raspberry.

These are old holistic remedial household methods which are been adopted since ancient times.

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