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Is hugging cow will free you from depression and BP?


Is hugging a cow will make you free from depression and hypertension?

Let's check the fact!

The Netherlands has given us tulips, Rembrandt's wooden shoes and windmills and now they've inspired a new health trend herein the US called cow cuddling.

Click on the video and watch the news till end

That's right! it's you and a cow. An actual cow and the two of you cuddle that is a hug will benefit you. You've heard of therapy by dogs, therapy by horses and even therapy by cats. In my experience cats don't really care about your wellness. Well move on to overrun-of-the-mill therapy animals are used for cuddling is turning a new and best way to treat depression and hypertension.

If you chose to cuddle up with a cow for the many bovine benefits; first, it helps you relax. These animals are having a lower heart rate than humans so when you cuddle with them it helps bring your heart rate down and you relax a bit so your heart rate kind of goes to match theirs yell like a baby cuddling with its mom.

Cows also have higher body temperature than humans so they're like a huge walking heating pad but not just any cow will let you cuddle. Therapy cows are used to human interaction and no bull that enjoy the affection just as much as you. It's just as good for the animals as it is for the people.

Reported benefits by cow cuddling:

People are found relaxed with control in their blood pressure by cow cuddling.

Students with nervousness also found improvement in the mood due to cow cuddling.

Nervousness and fear factor are found to be diminished by this therapy.

We're always late and we're always busy and to take a timeout of your day to just cuddle a cow. Exactly other techniques to de-stress like meditation or regular yoga requires stillness and ridiculous form-fitting pants but cows era pea let you just breathe and cuddle up close.

It's really relaxing with the finding of harmony by hugging a heifer is at the top of the list.

People are spending nearly more than 20000 INR for this therapy.

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