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Crackers can kill the humanity-Beware


How the firecrackers are killing humanity and also polluting the environment?

Why celebrate special occasions by polluting the environment. Is poisoning the air and water the best way to celebrate the valley or New Year.

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Fireworks pollute and damage our planet in many ways.

Manufacturing fireworks use plastic papers and cardboard which are not eco-friendly. Fireworks are made at factories that pollute the environment. These factories often engage in child-labor and high-risk transportation. Fireworks sustain the transport industry in a big way from distribution by planes, ports, and trucks to the local collection at retail stores. Fireworks contribute to the pollution caused by vehicles by air pollution. The smoke-free fireworks consist mainly of toxic dust that can easily enter the lungs. This represents a real threat for people with asthma and for children. Fireworks fallout can contaminate water supplies and residue on the ground. It can further carry away by rain and end up in our lakes, rivers or oceans.

Noise pollution

Fireworks can be loud and vibration and travel far. These sounds are not only annoying to humans but also affect animals and pets.

Many cases are seen where aged person and newborns are badly affected by the noise produced due to crackers.

People are using fireworks at any time at any place without taking account of place and circumstances. Hospital areas or houses having elders have badly affected the noise. Babies’ ears are sensitive and may bother them severely. Now the children using these fireworks are not responsible for the mess, rather the elders supporting such things should have to be punished for such offensive. We all know that heartbeat of aged and babies are very sensitive. A sudden big noise can cause permanent damage to ears and their vital organs like the heart.

Thus, on-spot, penalties should be taken from people using noisy fireworks at work timing or at nearby hospitals or near houses where old or infants are residing.

Take a stand against fireworks refuses to celebrate your festivals with crackers and set an example. Do not attend outdoor fireworks. Also, display and encourage others to do the same educate others by sharing the polluting dangers of fireworks.

So tell your opinion that really you support such non-sense practices that damaging the health of society.

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