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Diwali and Corona?

Diwali and Corona

We all are aware that the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic is paused a while in the last few days from October. We are happy that the number of patients is reduced as compare to earlier days. Further, we all are busy in preparation for Diwali. All markets are again getting crowded and the people are getting enjoying the shopping.


(The second-wave of coronavirus is coming? CLICK ON THE VIDEO)

Really the coronavirus is stopped from spreading?

Let’s check the fact:

The temperature (October heat) and humidity have contributed to holding the spread of the pandemic. Like other flu (H1N1), Coronavirus has impacted by heat and environmental changes. As compared to the last year the heat level of the surrounding is increased to such a level that we are feeling the heat waves, especially at the night. Maybe this is the major reason for the control of the spread of disease, still, the reason is unknown.

So the real fear starts when the winter season will begin.  

Many scientists globally feel that the second wave of coronavirus will be more severe and will come with a high impact. So it's a matter of great concern. So in this Diwali, it’s our great responsibility to follow the rules and regulation as previous. We have to keep social distancing and sanitation practices.

Last day I visited one mart, it was fully crowded rather I would say overloaded. No social distancing or proper health practices. Many people were standing in very close vicinity that one can even feel the breath of others, especially at the cash counter while billing. We requested the mart manager for such a scene, he just made announcements. Not a single gentlemen or rather gentle‘lady’ responded to this call.

If this scene persisted for a long time then its alarming thing. If you want to enjoy Diwali follow some rules. Else second wave call of coronavirus will become true.

So be cautious.

Precaution is better than cure. So hope this Diwali we will follow some rules and make it happier “not for us but for our families”. 

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