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Festival of disease- Corona

Diwali is a festival of light. Mostly we all enjoyed Diwali after facing the issues of coronavirus. 

Really do you feel we are all safe now?

Check the video for more information 

The major issues the WHO is claiming that in coming days our country will face the second outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

What is the major reason we feel that the second wave of coronavirus infection will outrage the country?

In our country, all the festivals are celebrated with full devotion and dedication.

Dedication means shipping. If you have come across the Diwali season, people mostly have given up the ideas of social distancing and discipline. People are visiting the malls as if visiting any Jalsa or Yatra. It's not the major fault of the people. After lockdown, the markets have brought many schemes and offers to attract the mob. These things may become the major reason for the second wave of diseases outbreak. There is a mixed picture you can see in different places. In one place the discipline is well maintained especially by some private malls, while on contrary you may not see in the case of some marts. 

The second major cause that may trigger the disease may be the cool temperature (winter season).


If you want to break the chain of coronavirus spread then do follow social distancing and sanitation. The important thing is to avoid crowded areas. If by default you are visiting these places then take a warm water bath with steam inhalation. This will help as prophylactic measures.

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