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Is it safe to start schools in pandemic situation of coronavirus

 School myths in regarding corona and preventive measures.

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The schools and colleges are on the verge of opening in a long time after a outbreak of coronavirus. 

Many of students were learning on online platform, but were not satisfied. Globally, government have given the permission to start with the school offline classes. Many students are also excited to see the school after an year.

But do you feel it's safe to go school or colleges.

You may get the mixed replies for this.

Many may disagree due to the safety measures. 

Really! this year students will not see the face of the school?

If we take some safety measures then students can see the face of schools and colleges.

Now you decide what strict measures should be taken in order to prevent spread of infection.

It may take long time to get vaccine so it not mean that one should sit at home and waste there valuable time.

If proper safety measures are taken then we can start all schools and colleges globally.

It may include sanitation measures, students ratio of 50-50 attendence.

Even frequent sanitation of schools and colleges after alternative days may turn fruitful but is costly affairs.

So it comes to you all, you decide and tell what new safety measures should one decide against this situation.

Please do write your opinions in comment section so that we can spread this message globally to develop healthy platform for the students.

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