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WHO says Stay fit to fight coronavirus

World health organization  (WHO) finally claims that it is very difficult to get rid from coronavirus. Vaccines are still in trails, so also we cannot stop working in offices due to fear of coronavirus. 

Even lockdown is not good option at the time of second wave; so WHO says adult and children to do minimum of 150 minutes of workouts per week. 

Click on the video to know basic workouts

The authority personal says that vigorous exercise will protect the people not only from pandemic but also from the type diabetes and heart diseases. 

It will boost the innate immunity of the people and will keep them fresh and active.

Official members also recommend the pregnant women and lactating mothers to perform minimum of 150-300 minutes of active yoga or aerobics (under the supervision of experts).

Further, sedentary lifestyle is found to be major cause for different disorders like hypertension and psychological issues.

India is found to be the ideal module in front of world for learning different forms of yogasan helping to build and keep lungs healthy. If lungs healthy then you fight against coronavirus or other respiratory problems.

So, moral of story is- 

We all are waiting for vaccine from long time, simultaneously many are in herd immunity. Thus, within that time we can build the self immunity by balance diet, regular exercise, workouts and yogas. 

So if you have any other suggestions please share with me as comments.

Eat healthy, exercise daily and fight coronavirus.

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  1. It is universal truth if you are keeping physicaly fit with proper diet and exercise no disease will trouble any one



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