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A balloon may kill your child


A balloon may kill your child

The children are fond of toys which attract them and keep them busy. These toys are not only a source of entertainment but a tool of learning for them. Really you think that all toys are safe and they should be given to children.

An incident occurred today in Maharashtra Andheri were a 4 years child died due to choking of balloon deep inside the throat blocking the vocal cord.

Beware if you have small children around

The incident in detail:

The child named Devraj of age 4.5 years was playing with the other two kids at night with some soft toys. Their father Mr. Suraj, 30 a pan vendor saw that his son was playing with balloons and suddenly fell down. He thought that children are making some kind of fun and ignored a while. After some time he noticed that his son was fallen on the ground with some choking noise and was yelling with a soft voice. He found a piece of balloon in his mouth and tried to remove it with the hand. But due to heavy breathing, the balloon went deep inside the vocal cord. He picked his son and went to the nearby hospital. His son was unconscious and was given CPR. Doctors tried for 45 minutes and declared him as death. This tragic incident make the family and neighbors broke into tears,

A simple balloon brought the reaper to the home of Mr. Suraj.

Click the video for knowing some similar incidences around

This incident gives us the warning that:

Keep the small article away from the children

Don’t ever use balloon at-least if there are no elders around the child

Do take care of the children and watch their activities periodically.



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