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Is only lockdown the solution against coronavirus?

We all are in the end of year with the issues of coronavirus unsolved. 

Till date a perfect vaccine is not accessible to the world. We have faced lockdown and economical crises first time in 100 years. 

It gives the goosebumps of plague and it's bitter remembrance of olden times. 

Generally we have 12 months in a year. But this year we have seen mostly 4 months that is January, February, coronavirus and December. It will be considered as shortest year of the era. 

Many people lost their lives and many gone crazy due to lockdown psychosis.

After such heavy disaster few people have not taken the lesson from it.

I visited a opening of shop at countryside. Nearly 100 plus people were wandering all around at the spot without mask and social distancing.

Many were sneezing and coughing but it was not any botheration to any of people present thereof.

I was invited for ceremony and dinner. The rush at food court lawn gave me a mini-attack; there was heavy crowd and rush. 

I gave up the idea of dinner and went back to home. 

These conditions are not at all healthy in pandemic situation.

Same scene I have seen outside one hospital which is present in apartment below residential zone in a same building. 

The doctors working in that area that bother for maintaining social distancing and sanitation habits. They blocked the entrance of hospital in such a way that residential people in the same building were feeling very uncomfortable to use the common space for movement.

So can any one suggest any solution to above two problems in such conditions of pandemic.

If you have correct and feasible solution please do comment at the end. 

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