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New fungal secondary infection observed in Covid-19 patients?

The issue of covid19 with many sub-stories including the side effects of vaccines in trails and new symptoms are trolling in social media since long time. Based on the same concept the doctors at New Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital  discovered that covid19 patients are infected by the fungal infection affecting eyesight, and nose. If untreated these patients are suffering the thread of death along with removal of the nose and jaw-bone. 

The doctors, shared the media the vital information that the fungal infection is caused by a rare killer fungus called Mucor. This mucor is responsible for a disease called Mucormycosis or Black Fungus also called as zygomycosis.

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The mucormycetes is responsible for this black fungal disease. These moulds are mostly present in the environment and affect the people with less immunity or people having issues with lung. “This infection has created a alarming signal and situation of great fear among the Covid-19 patients as it is triggering mucormycosis with high morbidity. The symptoms of this disease include nose obstruction, swelling in the eye or cheeks. In many cases black dry crusts is observed in patients which are the prompt for emergency biopsy. Dr Manish Munjal, the Senior ENT surgeon at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital suggested early start of antifungal treatment with the appearance of symptoms.

Common symptoms of Black Fungus

- Facial swelling especially one sided

- Headache and fever

- Nasal or sinus congestion

- Black lesions on nasal bridge 

- Loss of eyesight

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