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New VUI-202012/01 coronavirus and danger in front of world

 Are you traveling abroad? Be alert! 

The new and hazardous strain of coronavirus is spreading globally. This strain, currently called VUI-202012/01,  are confirmed in many countries like Denmark, Gibraltar, the Netherlands, Australia and Italy. Apart from this, some unverified strain is found in Belgium.

Some parts of France and South Africa claim and believe some new cases of the mutation, but still not confirmed.  Olivier Veran French health minister claims for new variant in France.

Similarly places like Scotland and Wales have reported new infection cases of unidentified coronavirus strains along with London and the South East of England.

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Sky news and other media partner warn that this virus may have evolutionary advantage in transmitting more quickly. This new strain may out-compete all the other existing strains, which is due to the natural mutation ability.

Thus herd immunity, balanced diet along with exercise may end the spread of virus is the only solution the scientists globally feel.

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