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Shall we hurry for the corona vaccine?

It’s better not to hurry for the vaccine is the statement given by one of the volunteers receiving the shot of corona vaccine as the third trial. 


Many clinical phase trials are in the process were companies globally claiming a 94-96% success ratio. If any errors are seen after the mob vaccination then it would result in hazardous consequences. During trials earlier such complications were reported among the volunteers 


On a similar ground, another case was reported last day due to the covid-19 vaccine trails after a period of a few months. This news was shocking and one of the doctor from Chennai claimed the same issue due to Oxford Covid-Shield vaccine trails.

According to a report from a neurologist and neurophysiology specialist from the Apollo Hospital; one of his patient 40 years-old businessman in Chennai participated in the third trial of the vaccine on November 2020. He was found to be having neurological dysfunction issues after a few days. Thus it is been cited as legal notice to Pune- based Serum Institute of India (SII), who conducted the trails.

The doctor’s assessment was based upon the clinical, physiological and neurological in which he claims that the patient neurological dysfunction was based on the COVIDSHILED-Covid-19 vaccine.

The patient was discharged from Sree Ramchandra Medical College and Research Institute and was consulted to Apollo Hospital. He admitted there 10 days after receiving the shots on Oct 11. The patient was tested for various investigation including the intracranial meningeal infection or encephalopathy, chemical, immunological and microbiological tests; which was found normal.

Finally, the doctors treating the volunteer concluded that the problems observed in the patient are due to the Vaccine shots. The participant sent a compensation notice of 5 crore INR to SII last week. He also demanded the halt to the manufacturing and distribution of the vaccine.

SII denied the claims of the patients and gave a press statement that COVIDSHIELD-vaccine is safe and immunogenic. They gave sympathy to the volunteer medical condition and state no relation to such a problem purely related to shots. The SII has followed all the rules and regulations before trials and filed a defamation suit of 100 crore INR against the participant for allegedly attempting to malign their reputation.

Further, SII assured everyone that the vaccine is safe and will be available to all sooner.




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