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29 people died by Pfizer coronavirus vaccine?

 The pandemic of coronavirus 🙄 has spread globally damaging the socio-economic strata of the countries. As a immediate action against it, many countries have started vaccination as preventive measures. 

The vaccines arrived in the market are creating the big doubts in the mind of people regarding its safety issues. According to current updates, 29 people are reported to be died after receiving the first dose of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine in Norway.

The symptoms after receiving vaccine were reaction at the site of injection, vomiting 🤮 and nausea.

Mostly the dead people are aged ones and investigation is ongoing regarding this major crises. 

The safety and efficacy of vaccine is the now turning to major concern globally. Thus the medical agencies at Norway predicted that there may be death due to vaccine globally but not yet reported.

Thus it's now turning major crises so needed to take priliminary precautions while taking vaccine. The sick 😷 old aged ones and babies should be taken care while taking vaccine. 

Emergency medicine attention should be given to patients if showing any unusual symptoms physical or mental after receiving dose of vaccine. 24 hours strict surveillance should be maintained to the people who receive the shots. 

See the previous reports for more information.

Thus you too give suggestions that what measures should be taken in the war between coronavirus vs vaccine death 💀?

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