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Guidelines for taking vaccine from some pharma companies

 Many Pharma companies have launched vaccination programs globally. This has gained heavy demand in public in order to get rid of coronavirus pandemic. 

The tragedy behind vaccination now observed is adverse vaccination reaction observed. 

As previously discussed the vaccination has resulted many side effects and adverse reactions as-

Fever, vomiting, rashes, facial paralysis and many got admitted in hospital. Fever vaccination have resulted in immune reactions with issue of memory. 

Based upon these results the Bharat Biotech and many other Pharma companies given some regulations before shots-

These people should avoid vaccination-

1) Pregnant ladies,

2) Lactating mother,

3) People having 🤒 fever, 

4) People on immunocompromised drugs 

5) People already had shots from other Pharma companies

6) People with serious illness and are on some therapy should consult doctor before vaccination

7) People having some allergies

8) People having blood disorders or blood thinning issues 

Check the video for more information.

If you have any suggestions on these regulations please do comment on it.

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