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Many cases of adverse drug reactions reported by post vaccination in India?

Vaccination program against the coronavirus is started with full bloom all over the world. To control the pandemic of coronavirus the vaccination is the need of time. 

Now the new issue of adverse reactions after post vaccination is been reported all over the world 🌎. Same issues are raised and observed in India as Adverse events following immunization (AEFIs) as per ANI reports.  

Currently 580 cases are reported of AEFIs from which 7 are been hospitalized. The issues are seen mostly in aged group globally. Globally people receiving vaccines are kept under observation for period of 24 hours as prophylactic measures. In previous vaccination programs many issues like facial paralysis and getting HIV antigen after test were reported.

Russian vaccine Sputnik was launched with the warning to not have alcohol for period of 2 months after shots. Thus, it is becoming critical as people are getting affected both by coronavirus and also by vaccination. Even in earlier days many such issues were raised after vaccination program called as AEFIs which was rarely observed. No any single drug in the world come without side effects, thus such cases will be observed in case this vaccination program. Thus, it is not any issue of panic. Vaccination really will stop this outbreak bringing the lives of people to the normal platform.

Video description- Old ANI reports regarding minor adverse reactions due to Covid-19 vaccination in India.

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