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One year to coronavirus and world

 Today world 🌍 crossed the coronavirus limit cases of 10 crore. Last year the number of patients infected by coronavirus was in hundreds that also in China. China introduced first time world with Covid-19 pandemic. 

The recovery rate of coronavirus infection has increased in geometric manner as compared to infection ratio. The vaccine inspite of contraversies is saving lives of people all over the world. 

One incidence at American airlines service showed the importance of social distancing and mask 😷  to the world. Twenty members from one family were not allowed to travel by airlines as one of there member removed mask for a while during boarding of flight ✈️. 

Click on the video for more information.

This decision is giving the postive waves 🌊 among the people. The real people behind the Utah American airlines is unknown, but report says that one of the member disobey the rules of mask use. On contrary if you see the public transport people are still not following the rules and regulations of sanitation and mask use. If really we want to get rid of coronavirus for permanant means. We all should follow the rules and people should get punished in order to control the spread and maintaining diseases free environment around us. 

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