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Midnight bizarre noise shocked Kolhapur: NASA Rover relation?


On Feb. 18, 2021, NASA's Mars Perseverance rover makes its final descent to the Red Planet. According to Indian timing, it landed on Mars at 1:51 am.

The amazing event or incident that observed simultaneously in Kolhapur Maharashtra, India is a bizarre violent noise was heard in areas like Panchgaon, Rajarampuri, Shahupuri, and R.K Nagar areas of Kolhapur at the same timing at 1:51 am. The amazing part is no media or channel covered this information and was considered as thundering. The sound was lasted for 12-15 seconds and was a horrifying and scary loud noise. It was raining-like condition but not having a resemblance to the thundering noise. The noise was like some burning fuel or gas or like some atom bomb-like feeling. The glasses were hindering and awaken many people with some fear. Many people checked outside. No evidence of blast or thundering was reported.

Click the live video for more information 

As a scientist, it’s my assumption that may be some paranormal or supernatural phenomenon has occurred and the timing of the NASA rover landing and noise at Kolhapur brings some relation as like opening of some gateway between two places simultaneously as like mini black hole or channel between two places.

If you too heard the sound then reply below your comment even to the video provided.

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