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Short but effective study tips to be topper

 Interesting fast facts that u can do before exam.

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Amazing bizzare facts but very useful.

1) Walk before exam.

Scientist have found that walking 20 minutes before exam boost the remembrance abilities. It also increase blood circulation and give postive waves to write the things in better way. Its old traditional method used by many scholars globally.

2) Read loud.

Its look bizzare that u talk loudly but this method is best if you want to remember the hard or new concept for long term. If you spell new words by this technique will help you recognise the word forever. 

3) Reward as self motivation factor-

If you plan for some study and complete it successfully in stipulated time then reward yourself with good book, movie or some good things u like. You can plan a good food for celebration of success of task. Tell parents that if you complete study then grant you with special dish, so provide a time table to mom for examining you. 

4) Self learning and teaching-

Do you know one fact that you yourself are good teachers. So whatever you learn thus express it. You can tell the concept that you learnt to your parents or even to pets if you having. 

This will boost the confidence and access fast learning. So try it. 

Know success story of student by music therapy. 

5) Draw diagrams and charts-

Give boost to your mind by drawing things that you learn. Suppose if you are creative then boost this abilities by drawing imaginary things in rough book and fair it as per your need. If you want to know this you can contact us any time.  

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