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Covid-19 vaccination and it's effects

 Many of people globally combating the dreadful effects of coronavirus by using different strategies. Many concentrating on diet plans, while others are using some holistic methods to treat and prevent the infection. The safest mode or option available in front of world is by undergoing vaccination. 

There are many myths and facts regarding vaccination program and media is also talking on the side-effects due to the vaccination. The actual facts are not coming to the public due to wrong conception and public gossips. 

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The people who have taken vaccination are really get protection from infection, but as all vaccination they have encounter some minor side effects which are not at all Lethal. Last day some of our medical team members taken the vaccine and supported the concept. One of the member got some minor fever and muscle ache, which other was having pain at the site of injection for a period of 24 hours. While rest didn't show any other symptomatic side effects. After 24- 48 hours all were normal with there daily livelihood and works. Rarely things get worse when we talk about vaccination as whole. 

So having vaccination in time not only save the life of you but also the people who are coming in your vicinity. 

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