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Vaccination ray of hope for social gathering- CDC

Today's day is the first anniversary for entry of COVID-19 in many places across the country. Last time many people gathered for any special events was in the year 2019. Last year 2020 broken the hope of mankind as people/ society was the reason for spread of coronavirus infection. 

Check the video for more information.

Many people lost their lives last year due to this pandemic 🌍 conditions. The only hope for this adverse effects to stop is vaccination. Besides many side effects and critisism against vaccination the only solution remains with the world is vaccine. 

The newer outlook towards the vaccination has broken the cascade spread of the disease. Based on the postive results of vaccination the CDC (Center for diseases control) gave the favour that vaccinated people can have indoor get-together without wearing 😷 mask. 

This statement we believe that is the beginning of social activities and end of the pandemic. If maximum people get vaccinated will automatically control the spread of disease and end the pandemic.

In India, people above 45 years without any prior history of diseases are permitted to have the vaccination. Negligible amount of minor side effects were observed in case of vaccinated people. Thus, by taking proper consultion from physician one can take vaccine and be the contributor to halt the spread of coronavirus and end the pandemic. 

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