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Arthritis and holistic treatment

 * Juice to Relieve Joint Pain !!!!! *

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Arthritis does not necessarily come of by age. Anyone turning older from young can have that issue. But usually the problem becomes more visible after crossing thirty-five. Usually all people take painkillers and heal temporarily if there is pain. However, the cause of the pain remains intact and the pain recur after the effects of these painkillers are reduced.

New scientific research in this accordance.

Q) What is the supplement for relief of joint pain?

Therefore, there is no permanent solution to this pain unless the root cause of the pain is eliminated. A home remedy that is able to relieve the root cause of contracted pain is one that is used for seven days in a row to reduce pain and reduce the risk of relapse.

 Here's a look at this method used for pineapple fruit:

Materials required:

* Pineapple sticks: two cups, that is small one. If you eat pineapples for one week in a row, you will turn healthy!

* Almonds: four to five

* Honey: a spoon

* Cloves: Two to three

* Of all the above ingredients, nature has many different nutrients. It contains high antioxidants and its nutrients are able to stabilize muscles and ligaments. This makes the bones more firm.

* Reduces the impact of inflammation and reduces pain in places where inflammation is the cause of arthritis.

* Vitamin C, especially pineapple, a nutrient rich in magnesium, calcium and lamebranes helps reduce arthritis. Drinking this pill for seven days in a row will significantly reduce pain.

Manufacturing method:

* Put all the ingredients in a large jar of mixie

* Add as much water as you can, let it cool down, and then pour into a glass.

* Drink two drops a day to get the best effect. Drink a cup on an empty stomach in the morning and eat nothing for the next hour. Similarly, you should get drunk and sleep for an hour before going to bed at night. There is significant change after following this method continuously for a week.

This old traditional methods are found effective from time to time and lacking Scientific record.

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