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COVID-19 as airborne and it's consequences

 Coronavirus is airborne claimed by Scientist in Lancet publication. Earlier it was thought that it spread by contact with material called as fomite infection. 

The current research proves that if the coronavirus is airborne then it spread fast in air. It can remain in the closed room for long time and if person wearing mask remain for long time in that room and have activities like eating food or drinking water (office, school, college) are at high risk of infection.

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The history of coronavirus reported in India Today is almost 2,30,000 plus patients. Thus if you are in closed room like hotel, resturant or conference hall are at high risk. If you come in contact with asymptomatic patients (to know about this check our previous articles) and you are not wearing mask 😷 then you are at high risk of infection. Thus, talking face to face with patients or with any one infected patients or asymptomatic person will infect you very drastically and you will notice the symptoms dramatically after two to three days. 

Consequences and new problems that will rise-

1) If you are traveling in closed AC based public transport then people travelling in it are at highest risk.

2) Movie 🎥 theatre will act as pressure cooker as it is closed compartment resulting in fast spread of coronavirus infection.

3) Talking with unknown people face to face without mask is now a high risk factor (neighbour, shop, mall, and in public)

4) Children are at high risk with new symptoms.

5) Old age people are also at high risk.

6) Mask usage become compulsory in work place, removal of mask may result in serious consequences.

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Moral of story-

Stay home and stay safe.

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