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Lemon therapy against coronavirus?

 ✍ 14 April 21; 2021 a experience of Covid-19 infected patient.

* πŸ‹ Lemon Juice / Lemon Juice

                This is a self-advocacy method

* πŸ‹ right drop of lemon… πŸ‹ Ram Ban cure on corona epidemic that scares the whole world. *

Check this video πŸ‘πŸ“Έ.

     60 lakhs will be seen in this simple video of home remedies to avoid karena.

     Lion Ranga Venkateswara Rao claims that with just one rupee you can cure the corona virus. He says that this treatment is nothing short of "Alauddin and his magic lamp".

     Going to get corona test? Just wait.

     It is possible that you too will be cured in 1 or 2 rupees and in 3-4 hours only without medicines.

     Immediately take this Chhetasa home remedy.

     * πŸ‹ If you put only one drop of lemon juice / lemon juice in your nostril or a few drops, then the virus which is in the nose, throat and lungs, will come in the mouth in the form of phlegm, which you have to spit out. . *

     Then sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice in lukewarm water and a little salt with lentils / gargle and then you will feel great relief.

     Then apply 1 drop of coconut oil from your finger to your nose.

     As described above, he successfully tested the above measure on his own and after receiving positive results, he suggested the above measure to many politicians and others who were infected with coronavirus. He is thanked by all who get immediate relief.

* Instantly share family, relatives, other friends, family and friends with lemon juice / lemon juice therapy *

Holistic approach to treat infection.

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