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New type of Covid-19 with new symptoms?

 Bengal has become the epic center for coronavirus. The children's are now prone to new symptoms including diarrhoea and dysentery. The symptoms seen in children are changing day by day. The reason for spread may be due to Contact of asymptomatic patients with weak immunity person also called as susceptible immunocompromised patients. 

Sanitation of vegetables rules- check this video:-

Asymptomatic person are like ticking bomb that can spread infection to any one without any symptoms. These people don't show any symptoms and may get cured easily, but during this process they infect the people in nearby vicinity. 

Vaccination and increase immunity by eating balanced diet in time can save your time. Hot water bath after visit to market or sanitation may protect you from criticality which can be supported by use of vitamin C and protein in regular diet. New symptoms like diarrhoea, difficulty in breathing or conjunctivitis are making it difficult to detect the infection. While hospitals on other hand made it compulsory to undergo Covid-19 test before treatments. So something is missing in the whole system that is needed to be corrected? 

Is really lockdown 🔒 a real solution to this pandemic disease or educating people to follow guidelines of hygiene? 

What you feel? 

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