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Banana as cheapest immune booster

 * Who doesn't like banana? *

 It is the cheapest fruit available all the time. Its flower pillows are just as good for health as fruit. Eating banana leaf is a tradition in South India. Consumption of banana helps to lose weight quickly. Banana is often thrown away by growers. In fact the banana also has good nutrients. In one sense all the nutrients in the fruit, leaf and pillow are in this flower. Pushpita-banana flower dish

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Usually in Maharashtra state, this flower is used for making various dishes without throwing. It is most often used as palya or sabji with alu and other vegetables. It is also used by some people to cut the flowers with a bit of carapace and roast them in place of roses. It tastes better than hazelnuts and raisins. Delicious fruit of meringue and banana pillow

1. High quantity of fiber

Our food must be both soluble and insoluble fiber. Rice and fruit are high in fiber, while wheat and dairy are high in fiber. But we do not get the required fiber by eliminating the fiber of wheat. This begins constipation.

High amounts of insoluble fiber

Constipation can be increased as all these beautiful foods available in the market are deprived of this fiber. The large amount of insoluble fiber in the banana helps in easy digestion and excretion.

2. Antioxidants are abundant

The banana contains particles called polyphenol which act as good antioxidants. It protects against various forms of cancer, especially from the stresses of the body.

3. Helps control of diabetes

The nutrients in the banana have a low glycemic index. This means that it takes a long time for the stomach to digest sugar and other nutrients into the blood. This cure is tailor-made for diabetics. This is due to the high amount of fiber and antioxidants present in the banana. Diabetics often have too much sugar in their blood, which gives the body more time to deal with it. This makes it easier to control on diabetes.

4.Continues diarrhea and infection

According to a report published in the medical journal Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research, banana consumption is rapidly reduced by a variety of causes, most notably caries and diarrhea.

5.To protect against time-related malaise

If menorrhagia is higher than normal, the consumption of bananas may be reduced to normal.

The health benefits of banana or banana flower are as follows:

 * Healing the infection

 It has the potential to treat infections because it contains ethanol flowers that help prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria. It heals the wound. Banana flower extracts help prevent the development of malaria parasites.

 * Preventing diabetes and anemia

 Patients with diabetes should consume banana and reduce blood sugar levels and increase hemoglobin in the body because it is rich in fiber and iron which helps in the production of red blood cells. It works great for patients with diabetes.

 * Improves breastfeeding

 Breast milk supply for lactating mothers increases. It helps to cure excessive bleeding, maintains a healthy uterus, restricts constipation during pregnancy and promotes breastfeeding. It is high in fiber and can help relieve pregnancy constipation.

 * Reduce free radical activity

 Free radicals cause a variety of problems. The antioxidant property is in the banana flower. It treats health problems like cancer and premature aging. It should be included in health supplements to fully utilize antioxidant properties.

 * Menstrual problems and weight loss

 It also increases progesterone which helps to reduce excessive bleeding. It is also rich in fiber and nutrients which can lead to weight loss. It soothes the stomach. For weight loss, you can drink banana flower tea regularly.

 * A rich source of vitamins and minerals

 Banana flowers contain vitamin C, A, E, fiber and potassium, which are sources of healthy nutrients.

 * Increase mood and reduce anxiety

 The magnesium in banana flowers improves mood and reduces anxiety. They act as antidepressants with no side effects.

 * Anti-aging power

 It helps combat free radicals and helps cure health problems like cancer and early aging.

 * Healthy Uterus

 It also helps prevent pregnancy problems. Drinking this decoction will relieve the uterine problems.


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