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Beetroot as new immunity booster

 * Beetroot parotta for blood cell growth *


* Immunity Booster Recipe *

Vegetable tubers have been in use since the orphanage. Vegetable grown in the earth plays a vital role in strengthening the body. Beetroot is one of the vegetables that protect the body. Beetroot is high in iron and boosts immunity. Regular intake prevents cancer.

It contains folic acid and helps in the production of new blood cells. Eating beet root can prevent cardiovascular diseases such as respiratory tract infections and heart attacks.

Beetroot also helps increase skin radiance.

Beetroot contains nitrate, a natural chemical. Once it has reacted, it is replaced with nitric oxide, which facilitates blood circulation.

* Beetroot Parrotta *

Cut the raw beetroot into small pieces and grind finely.

Then add the ground beetroot juice to the flour, add salt, 1 tbsp butter and stir into the flour. Leave to soak for 15 minutes.

Then bake as a loaf and cook.

add oil as per need.

Beetroot salad with nut chutney or butter can be enjoyed.

The simplest method of beetroot use is beetroot juice.

Beetroot juice๐Ÿฅค can be made using lemon and salt as per taste.


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